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Deaf History: Plato's Cratylus


Plato's Cratylus
16 x 20 inch Oil on Stretched Canvas click on image to enlarge SOLD


Closeup of the Deaf People Signing

Description about the painting:

This painting is inspired by a book called 'Plato's Cratylus', written by a Greek philosopher, Plato in 350 B.C., in the late 5th century, approx. 2,400 years ago. In the painting, you see three men, Cratylus (laying down), Hermogenes (blue hair) and Socrates (white hair) with a horse, a bird, olive trees and four people in the country of Greece close by the ocean. In the book, Plato wrote that Cratylus and Hermogenes had an argument about 'language' and 'name.' Socrates joined in, to solve the issue. He pointed out to the four people in the distance, to say that they are Deaf. In Plato's Cratylus, there is a couple of pages about the Deaf. Socrates said they have intelligence. They are communicating about the horse, the bird, and the olive trees. Socrates pointed out that hearing people's language, they talk and the Deaf's language, they sign, are both equal. 2,400 years ago.

Nancy Rourke

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