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Liberation Art:
Color ASL

Color ASL 11 inch by 14 inch oil on canvas SOLD click on image.

Description about the painting:
This painting has two themes from the De'VIA movement. Affirmative Art and Resistance Art. To combine that, it is a Liberation Art. This painting is inspired by infamous ASL poet, Debbie Rennie, "Black Hole: Color ASL." The red mountain came from Paddy Ladd's quote, about a growing mountain overcomes Audism. The black holes, dots and water represent Audism, Oralism, LSL (Listening & Spoken Language and AGBell.) The ladder represents a direction or a path that leads you to a new journey. A Deafhood journey. A Deaf artist is at the top of the ladder, spattering different colors of paint- red, yellow, blue, white and black into the sky. The colors drip to the water, and the black paint becomes black holes. The black holes are the Audism, trying to take away a Deaf identity and Deaf Culture. The ladder is slowing draining into the black hole. What happened to the Deaf artist? There is a hidden message on the painting.

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